Welcome To the wonderful world of MJ the Light Addict way!

Hey friends!

OK, so I’m here to share the joy of growing MMJ and hopefully provide some useful information leading to improved gardening for all!

The way I’ve grown, I’ve always just done my own thing. I never really researched anything, though this was more out of ignorance then me having a suitable knowledge base (I can assure you!). I had enough sense in myself though to make sure always tried and tested my methods and learned from my mistakes as I went along. This in itself was to become part of my strength and gave me a different outlook than many other growers out there.

Firstly though I need to state; I don’t now and have never, grown for money! I simply fell in love with the growing in itself and the sheer beauty and diversity of our beloved plant. Anyway, not being a cash crop grower meant I had the freedom to experiment and sacrifice plants in the name of pushing the boundaries! So the journey that has set me against the norm and set me apart from so many other growers began with this ability.

I quickly found an online community, the first I clicked on; US 420 Magazine and after posting just one quick pic, I was asked; how I grew it and asked to please stay and write a journal on my methods. That plant won me my first Plant Of The Month title, on 420 magazine.

The thing that had gotten me noticed, was the style of my plant, low, wide and perfectly level. A Scrog I hear you cry!, nope I don’t like to scrog. I’m a total plant perfectionist and say of myself constantly, that I have plant OCD. So I like total access 🙂 This is where my old friend comes in, rounded plastic coated garden wire! It gives me freedom to train a plant and individually adjust each limb or colas site. I train either to the pot rim, or bodge some quick fix for tethering. Either way I can lift my plant out at all times. Once you start working with this stuff the training of MJ becomes a joy!

So this plant OCD that I have, mixed with too much time on my hands and a few reels of wire meant I went a training nuts! I tried it with autoflower plants when they first came out. Basically I tried every way to shape and manipulate a plant, having some good fun doing it along the way 🙂

So simply put I’d learned all the basics firstly with autoflowering plants, then got bored quite quickly as I do sometimes. So I switched to photoperiod plants and the training that had already become my passion now became my own quick path to higher yields!

YES BIGGER YIELDS!!! This is what we’re all after! 🙂

Well If you’re a new grower or an old hand wanting to polish up your training techniques, if you’re willing to follow along, I’ll be more then happy to share all the little tips and tricks that have led me to where I am nowadays.

I’ll be posting video clips of the more detailed processes, loads of pics as we go along. All dropped in along with my continual journey into growing and all my thoughts on new tech and equipment as it comes along for me to test and review on your behalf!

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Site Layout note.

This site will have 2 platforms, the first being my static pages for articles and reviews. The second will be the posts, these will be for an ongoing blog, venturing along with me in my growing fun! All spiced up along the way with my insights from within the industry and all the upcoming advances in tech as I get them in to test!